We ARE healing the whole person

At Dao Integrated Health, we are committed to bringing the best in integrative medicine to the Bay Area by combining traditional medicine with conventional therapies that are proven, safe and effective. We work with you and your health care team to create a personalized plan for complete and lasting well-being.

If you are dealing with Pain, Coping with a chronic illness, Struggling with an auto-immune condition, or would like to enhance your overall wellness, we are here to help you.

Our approach to healing is to bring patients back into realizing and living their perfect healthy self. This is through active participation with the patient to achieve the personal health goals desired. At Dao Integrated Health, we use a combination of Integrative Medicine, Acupuncture, Neuro-Linguistic Programming Therapy, Lifestyle Coaching, Nutritional Therapy, Oriental Medicine and Energetic healing. The path to health is a dynamic one, taking a team approach to accomplish significant lasting results.

We understand that change takes time and requires a supportive team. We invite you to join our community where we teach and reinforce practices and skills, such as meditation, that can lead to healthier choices, more compassionate awareness, and a more joyful quality of life.

We are committed to healing the whole person. When a person suffers from illness and pain, all aspects of their life is affected and needs attention for healing. The Pillars of Health reflects our integrative approach and framework to achieving wellness.

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“To follow your Dao is to understand the way of being in your life. You embody the universal, spiritual energy from “nature” into your personal deep consciousness, and so, into the depths of yourself. Open your soul, heart and mind in true harmony; learn to follow with the way of nature.”
— Unknown

The Pillars of Health incorporate the understanding that to be effective in healing, all areas of a person's life must be addressed. At Dao Integrated Health, we start with Health Behavior and work with the beliefs a person holds about being and becoming healthy. We then move to each pillar based on the priority of needs the individual has for achieving their specific health goals.