“I met Christine at Van’s Health Food Store in Livermore when she offered to help my son. Sadly, my son did not get to see Christine before he passed from Lupus. A few months after his passing, I made an appointment. I was suffering from extreme fatigue, constant muscle aches, brain fog, trouble sleeping, digestion problems and cold all the time. I had been going to Kaiser and feeling like they were not giving me anything useful. They continued to prescribe only Antidepressants. After my third visit to Kaiser, I finally accepted the prescription and took it home. Instinctively I knew I was not depressed; I was grieving the death of my son.

Upon meeting Christine she assured me that I was suffering from grief and that the death of my son would take time. She referred me to two Grief Therapists. She also reviewed my symptoms and suggested I have my Thyroid checked, a stool test for parasites and bacterial infections, an Adrenal test, and more. She recommended that I work with Kaiser and request a thorough Thyroid panel. She sat down with me and explained how the Thyroid works, what TSH is and all these other tests (T3, T4, Reverse T3, TPO Antibodies and Thyroglobulin Antibodies.) She also provided me materials to read about the Thyroid - no one has ever done that. I returned to Kaiser and requested a Thyroid panel and they told me they only run TSH and it was Normal. Frustrated, I yelled at Kaiser and demanded the other tests.

After the tests were completed Kaiser told me again my tests were normal. Christine took a look at them and recognized my antibodies were high and requested that I ask the doctor to check again and request an ultrasound of my thyroid. They did another check and begrudgingly agreed to an ultrasound. Upon doing the ultrasound, a large nodule was found and the MD urgently called me in for a biopsy two days later. I called Christine scared and infuriated at Kaiser; she assured me that whatever comes, she would help me with it. Upon the biopsy, they found I had thyroid cancer. I attribute my life to Christine. If it had not been for Christine’s knowledge and encouragement, I probably would have cancer all over or worse. I wish I had known what I know now to help me son.

My cancer was removed and I was put on Levothyroxine but my symptoms only slightly improved. Christine recommended I return to the endocrinologist and request a T3 thyroid medication as my T3 thyroid numbers were still low. Kaiser never offered to check, I still have to push them. Given I have had so much trouble with Kaiser, she referred me to another MD she works with to help with my thyroid medications.

Christine did not stop looking for the cause of my cancer after I was diagnosed. She keeps working to figure out why my body developed the cancer and how to get me feeling better. We are running tests step by step with my limited budget. Since then, she had me do a test for SIBO and it was determined that I had a bacterial infection. She sent me back to Kaiser for a prescription of Rifaximin and created a step by step plan for working on the infection with medication, herbs, and an Elemental Diet. She retested me 6 months later and I am happy to report my SIBO is gone and my gastrointestinal pain resolved.

In the midst of this, I was in a major car accident. Christine used Acupuncture, Cupping and taught me stretches and exercise to help with the pain in my neck, shoulders, and low back. She has helped my pain tremendously.

I continue to work with Christine. She provides me thorough care, teaches me about how my body works, helps me advocate for myself, has a large network of medical professionals she works with and most of all is deeply caring about getting her patients better. I am forever grateful to Christine“ - Mary

"I began seeing Christine in August 2013 after a recommendation from my chiropractor. Two of my ribs would refuse to stay put, even after weeks of regular adjustments, and this created very intense upper back pain. In addition, I was dealing with an injury to my right arm, officially diagnosed as tennis elbow by my doctor. Within two months, the pain and associated inflammation had gone from a 8 on a 1-10 scale to maybe a 3 (and that was a bad day!). I only needed to visit my chiropractor every six weeks or so for a minor adjustment, and I was able to work on my computer, write, and sleep without the wrist brace I had relied on for over two years to prevent re-injury. 

I choose to describe the physical injuries I was dealing with at the time because they provide a somewhat easy baseline for measuring progress, but my treatments with Christine went above and beyond the physical. Her immense knowledge, patience, and healing touch came to me during a very emotionally and spiritually tumultuous time — the aches of heartbreak, death, and darkness felt like they were swallowing me and Christine’s acupuncture room became a safe space I looked forward to every week. The mind and body are undoubtedly One, and I am certain that if it were not for Christine’s deep understanding of this truth I would not have experienced both the physical and emotional healing that I did under her care."    ~ Ilana-Ruth

"I had extreme nerve and leg pain.  I could not walk, get out of the car, but on shoes.  My husband bad to drive me everywhere and I could not even do mundane chores.

I saw Christine and she immediately has this calming peace.  She listens to all my concerns and put me on an anti-inflammatory died to calm my body down.  She also would walk me through what she was doing and why she was doing something.  After just one treatment, my lower leg was considerably better enough where nerve pain was not radiating down that part of my leg.  She treats the whole person not just just pieces.

She is fantastic. If you have pain management issues, Christine is the "go-to" specialist."  ~ Patrice

"Christine is an extremely good listener who I find cares about my total well being.  I ask a lot of questions and Christine always patiently and knowledgeably answers them.  If she doesn't know the answer, or in as much depth as she'd like to give me, she finds out for me.  Not only that, but often times by my next appointment she has done additional research to give me more detailed information and help me understand more about my complex health issues that she is treating.  She is gentle, caring, and so compassionate.  I always feel better while and after seeing Christine.  She has had a huge impact on my journey to well-being and I am so very grateful that I came to her for acupuncture because I've gotten so much more."  ~ Natalie

"I have had great experiences with Christine! I originally began seeing her to support me with the intense grief of my brother passing away the beginning of the year. Her treatments helped me emotionally and physically, helping me to be able to sleep better and process my emotions. She is incredibly empathetic and kind with an excellent bedside manner. She has also helped my daughter deal with her grief as well as treated her for some childhood illnesses. She has helped my boyfirend with his digestive issues, and his daughter with her anxiety. She is very skilled and knowledgeable. I have seen many acupuncturists in my lifetime, but no one has given me the one on one focused attention I have experienced with her. Her genuine concern and care for her patients is apparent. I Highly recommend her!"  ~ Christina

"My grandma recently had a stroke and has been having mental confusion and vision problems. Along with seeing her regular doctors and neurologist, we decided to also consider accupuncture. After a lot of reading on accupuncture and strokes the studies have shown a lot of improvement in the patients that received accupuncture versus the ones that were tested with a placebo. So we went to out first appointment, which is all we have done so far, and christine was fantastic. She explained thoroughly what she was doing and why she was doing it. As well as speaking with her about her daily life to figure out what caused the stroke. Even after one treatment she is stating that her mind doesnt seem to be as jumbled as it was, she is walking straighter and her general mood has been happy. We are looking forward to continue working with christine and hope that this review will encourage anyone interested init to try it out."  ~ Taralyn