Behavior of Health

Touching upon a key Pillar of Health: Health Behavior, I see this pillar as the first pillar to be addressed when working with stubborn and Chronic Illnesses. As some research has shown, if a greater desire or need is satisfied by having an illness, finding a way to honor that desire/need in a way that also equally honors the desire to be well, the person will achieve health. For example: A person that wishes to relax more and/or rest but is over committed to work, home and other obligations can find that their illness provides them the space they dreamed to achieve this desire: relaxation and rest. The illness becomes the tool to meet a very real need that has gone unmet previously. Many times this need is unconscious and/or has been pushed aside for so long it is almost forgotten. If we look at the hidden needs that are fulfilled by having any disease that is chronic, we can make tremendous progress towards lasting health. To do this, I encorporate Neuro-Linguistic therapy to help uncover any unconscious needs being expressed discreetly in our linguistics and may be presenting itself as a competing goal. Not all, chronic cases have an underlying unmet need. Starting from this Pillar allows for this area to be properly addressed in the beginning to enable a strong foundation to build a person's health upon. If there is an underlying need that is not addressed, the healing that a person receives will not "stick" and this can make a patient feel that it just isn't possible for them to achieve health. If your feeling like you have done everything possible, look into this Pillar with the help of a therapist and see a change in possiblities.